Recreate Yourself Coaching

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Get customized instruction and guidance with healthy recipes, yoga, and wellness practices for improving the mind, emotions, the body and the spirit. Learn and practice breathing exercises that saturate your cells with life giving oxygen, for better moods, clearer thinking, improved energy levels, physical endurance, and a higher level quality of life. Learn raw, vegan, and non vegan recipes and their benefits and how to incorporate them in to your eating habits and lifestyle for a body that supports your energy demands. Customized detox protocols will also be designed for your needs, whether it be a heavy metal cleanse, parasite cleanse, liver, kidney, or overall body systems cleanse. Cleanses are a perfect way to reboot the immune system, and strengthen all systems of the body, regaining youth, vitality, and an overall sense of well being. The benefits of coaching include weight loss, weight balance, or gain if that's the goal. Aesthetic appeal, balanced hormones, better decision making, better self-esteem, and an overall general increase in the quality of life are also benefits you and others will see and feel throughout your coaching journey.